Michal Čihař - Gammu test version 1.10.6

Gammu test version 1.10.6

I just released new version of Gammu, you can download it from download server. The biggest change is improved gnappled and it's support in Gammu. It also had to became incompatible with previous versions, so you have to upgrade it in your phone. Full list of changes:

  • Backup file uses ; instead of # (bug #85, patch by Marcin).
  • Updated shell script gammu-config to generate configuration.
  • Install gammu-config script to ease generating configuration.
  • Correctly encode text in iCalendar (bug #262).
  • Correctly encode recurrance in iCalendar (bug #262).
  • Read last modified field from vCalendar.
  • Support for last modified field from vCard.
  • Use unsigned char to avoid trimming at 60 chars (bug #274).
  • Properly handle vCard style continuation (bug #268).
  • Detect Motorola specific error while reading SMSes (bug #288).
  • Fix OBEX listing to behave according to specs (bug #290).
  • Fix crash on invalid SMS reply from phone (bug #293).
  • Improved gnapplet and support for it (Matthias Lechner).

I currently do not plan further testing release before next stable one, but in case some serious problem is found, this can change. This time really :-).