Michal Čihař - Archive for May 10, 2008

Gammu stable version 1.20.0

Good news everyone, new stable Gammu release is out. Since 1.19.91 it brings only few small fixes in OBEX and EMS, but there is quite big list of changes compared to 1.19.0:

  • Do not crash on EMS messages with no text (bug #612).
  • Fixed reading of OBEX files (bug #614).
  • Fixed decoding of Nokia messages (bug #527).
  • Fix handling of UTF8 charset with some Motorola phones.
  • Identify Motorola V635.
  • Set again charset in Motorola phones after changing AT mode.
  • Automatically enable OBEX for Motorola phones.
  • Fix searching of correct Bluetooth channel.
  • Improved SMSD error messages.
  • Fix SMS listing when phone was in text mode (bug #584).
  • Fix compilation when WCONTINUED/WIFCONTINUED is not defined.
  • Fixed listing SMS messages from AT phones in text mode (bug #584).
  • Added smscgi daemon by "Kamanashis Roy Shuva" kamanashisroy@gmail.com.
  • Cache once read messages to avoid reading them again (bug #481).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/.