Michal Čihař - Summer of Code 2009

Summer of Code 2009

This year it looks like Google Summer of Code will bring me much more work than it has brought in past years. Currently I have four students on the track:

  • Mobile phones synchronisation for OpenSUSE. This will hopefully bring improvements to both Gammu and Conduit and the outcome should be working solution for at least some phones.
  • Import improvements for phpMyAdmin. I would say this has been the best GSoC proposal I have seen so far, so let's see how it will progress.
  • Changes tracking in phpMyAdmin. At the end we do have two projects on similar topic, but I want to push one of students more to synchronisation direction.

Let's see what will this bring to participating projects, but I hope all projects will end up at least with partial success and will bring great additions to free software.