Michal Čihař - Archive for Sept. 2, 2008

Number of records in phone database

I was today just too lazy to do much actual work, but I spend time on playing with something new - this time it was Google Chart API or better Python Google Chart module. I wanted to have some visualisation of growth of data in Gammu phone database for a long time and this module seemed to be good way to achieve good charts.

After a bit of playing I got following chart:

Chart showing history of phone database.

What we can see from it? Number of garbage grows very fast. Mostly it is caused by Wammu, which asks user for feedback after some time of active usage and this sometimes leads to duplicate records (but it also brings information which phones are really being used).

The bad thing which is visible here is that mostly half of reports is about unsupported phones! I think we should do something about this as the reality is not really that bad and from my POV, most of failure reports are caused by wrong configuration being used. I know it is sometimes tricky to find working one especially when you use Nokia phone with cable, where exists simply too much possibilities. It's time to tweak up autodetection so that it can handle most of such cases (and recent HAL features to export capabilities of modem devices might also help in this area).

Jak vypadá Evropa podle Googlu?

Tak i Google bude mít vlastní prohlížeč. To už asi není žádná novinka a ví o tom skoro každý. Představení formou komiksu je poměrně zajímavý nápad a určitě zaujal dost lidí, které by jinak taková zpráva zanechala v klidu.

Chápu, že se jim nechtělo v Evropě kreslit všechny hranice, ale proč nejvíc míst, kde hranice chybí, je kolem německa? Že by nějaká připomínka na druhou světovou válku? Nebo že by si autor myslel, že v Evropě pořád ještě zuří? :-)