Michal Čihař - Archive for Dec. 16, 2008

My patience is not unlimited

Just seen on #gammu:

<nijel> do you have some usb-serial convertor?
<fenix> yes,
<fenix> i use a usb-serial convertor
<nijel> that might be a problem because cables which do not have manual switch [...]
<fenix> you mean ? i don't use usb-serial convertor
<nijel> what? sentence ago you wrote that you use it....
<fenix> i see . i don't use usb-serial convertor  do it .
<nijel> so how exactly is the phone connected? usb cable? serial cable? serial cable + usb-serial convertor?
<fenix> i use  a serial cable + usb-serial convertor
<nijel> fine, so the problem is most likely in the convertor - [...]
<fenix> my pc have a serial port , i will use it . thank you nijel

Why the hell do you use usb-serial convertor, which is usually piece of crap, instead of native serial port?