Michal Čihař - Archive for March 2, 2009

Gammu stable version 1.23.1

After recently introduced tradition, I again come with bugfix update for 1.23.0 called 1.23.1. This time there is no critical fix as in 1.22.1, but few fixes, which might annoy users, for example forgotten installation of gammu-smsd-monitor tool.

Full list of changes:

  • Documentation clarification.
  • Translations update.
  • Actually install gammu-smsd-monitor.
  • Fix recording received messages count for MySQL.
  • Fix SMS location handling for Huawei E160 (bug #825).
  • Do not probe for MPBR support all the time.

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/,

Debian users will find packages in unstable soon, SUSE, Fedora and Mandriva users can check repository in OpenSuse Build Service and Ubuntu in my PPA.