Michal Čihař - Archive for Aug. 25, 2009

Translate Wammu

I feel like I will release new Wammu version in two or three weeks, it would be great to improve some translations. All you need to do is to login into our Pootle server and translate these few (or not so few) strings missing in your language.

If you still prefer manual work, you can still just get po file from Git and send me updates.

PS: If your translation is missing in Pootle and you want to start it, just drop me a note.

Enca 1.10

As upstream author lost interest in developing Enca some time ago, I decided to step up and create another release. Basically it just folds in patches we had in Debian package for some time.

Enca is now hosted on Gitorious: http://gitorious.org/enca, you can clone git repository (I imported older releases there).

So the new release is 1.10 and the changes are quite short:

  • Enca is back alive or at least in maintenance mode.
  • Enca now lives in git repository, see http://gitorious.org/enca.
  • Add missing charset koi8u to belarussian language.
  • Fixed some typos in program and documentation.

You can download from http://dl.cihar.com/enca/.