Michal Čihař - Archive for Sept. 12, 2010

Changing network at home

Spending almost whole day on network infrastructure at home. I decided to say good bye to commercial provider and move to JM-Net, which is local community network. I bought EapStation earlier this week and tested the setup, but what was left was to install the device permanently and connect it to my home (OpenWRT based) router.

Everything went quite smoothly and I now use new connection. It's faster, lower latencies and cheaper than what I used to have. Plus as a bonus it should have soon native IPv6.

The only little issue I've faced is how to add additional IP address to otherwise DHCP interface in OpenWRT. Googling did not reveal much, however this seem to do the trick:

cat > /etc/hotplug.d/iface/40-second-ip << EOT
[ "$ACTION" = "ifup" -a "$INTERFACE" = "eth0.1" ] && ip a add dev eth0.1