Michal Čihař - Happy blogging with nanoblogger

Happy blogging with nanoblogger

More than month after starting this blog, it's time to summarise experiences with nanoblogger. I enjoy blogging this way much more than previously used web based interface on abclinuxu.cz. Partly this is caused by change in editing (vim is much better than textarea in browser), another reason definitely is markdown which allows me to forget about HTML in most cases.

Anyway this way leads to creating many short posts, while previously I usually posted longer stories. I don't know which way is better and readers do prefer :-). So I will try to keep rate on approximately one (short) post per day.

And back to nanoblogger. It's not perfect system, however I was not able to find better suited for me. Generating blog is quote slow, but I don't care much. I had to switch to CVS version because some URLs were wrong in rc. And I had to modify even this CVS version to fit my needs, but those were only small changes. If you want text editor driven blogging system without comment support, nanoblogger might be good choice for you, otherwise you probably need something else.