Michal Čihař - Archive for June 13, 2006

I love to use CVS snapshots

Yesterday Google released beta version of Google Earth which runs natively on Linux. As it is great toy I wanted to immediatelly test it :-). However it ran damn slow and libgl was complaining about wrong structure sizes:

ERROR! sizeof(I830DRIRec) does not match passed size from device driver

After some Googling I found bug #359328 which tells to use CVS snapshot of Mesa from experimental. Any yay, it works then. Now back to work let's contiue with playing later.

I must be popular in Digital Infinity

It looks like somebody in company Digital Infinity Ltd loves to read my blog. Maybe they should consider setting up personal mirror as if every computer in their address space is going to download whole blog as they did it today, it will cost them lot of bandwidht and I will get really upset and iptables will get new rule about -

So it's up to you, you have been warned.

Make distclean

I just finished make distclean in my CDs. In past years I collected many data CDs which I will hardly use in future. Many of them contains various software for Windows I used in past, rest are free applications which were given with some computer magazines. They are anyway obsolete by now even if I'd use Windows.

So about hundred of CDs travels to waste bin for a long jurney to landfill :-).