Michal Čihař - Gammu stable version 1.16.0

Gammu stable version 1.16.0

Last Gammu release in this year is out. There are no major changes compared to 1.15.91, but it brings lot of bug fixes to stable series.

Full list of changes since 1.15.0:

  • Added identification of some Sony-Ericsson and Sharp phones.
  • Increased maximal number of entries per contact.
  • Fixed various compile time warnings.
  • Improved MinGW crosscompilation.
  • Localizations update.
  • Fixed detection of first free memory location if memory is empty (bug #434).
  • Fixed mysql.h include path (bug #441).
  • Fixed decoding of one char SMS (bug #442).
  • Detect Nokia 3109c (thanks to David Meier).
  • Automatically find MinGW compiler and allow overrides (bug #438).
  • Fixed parsing of some memory entries (bug #450).
  • Fixed decoding of some corner case SMS (bug #447).
  • Phones capable of switching to OBEX mode from AT have it now automatically enabled. Please report problems with this.

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/