Michal Čihař - One year under my reign

One year under my reign

One year ago, I took over Gammu maintenance. I think it time to summarize a bit what happened during that year. There were definitely good and bad releases in that time (especially strictness introduced to SMS parser in 1.13.0 took quite a lot of releases to fix various bugs), but generally I things Gammu is moving in a good way.

What I would definitely call positive:

  • Added build time testing. This helps a lot to catch regressions. However more tests could be done.
  • I cleaned up lot of code parts so that Gammu is now more resistant to bad data and should not crash in these cases.
  • Added lot of API documentation, most API functions are now fully documented.
  • More often testing releases - I try to release every week. Sometimes changes are huge, sometimes just few bugfixes. This makes Gammu occur among most vital projects on freshmeat.net.
  • Quite complete IrMC implementation together with AT/OBEX switching gives support for quite a big range of phones today.
  • SMSD got PostgreSQL support.
  • AT+CMGL support for reading messages gives us support for many phones which were not supported in the past.
  • I started to use OpenSuse Build Service and Ubuntu PPA to provide up to date binaries for many distributions.

There are also some bad things:

  • Nobody cares about build under MSVC. It is broken sometimes and I try to fix issues, but no constant testing of this causes problems.
  • Almost no new features for Nokia phones. I simply lack time to do anything more than bug fixing here.
  • Still bad support for Symbian phones. Some developer interested in this area is definitely needed. But probably OpenSync with SyncML is enough for most people.
  • The changes I made to the SMS parser broke too much things, I should have payed more attention to this change. But now things seem to be worked out.

Some statistics of last year (based on Ohloh):

ValueDec 2006Dec 2007Difference
Code Lines90,540101,687+12%
Comment Lines9,20415,336+67%
Comment Ratio9.2%13.0%+30%

All these changes were made in approximate 1200 commits.

I hope next year will not be worse :-).