Michal Čihař - When to release 1.0?

When to release 1.0?

This is not about any particular project, but more a generic thought. When should be something considered to be stable enough to be released as 1.0? Over ages I started several projects which are in different quality right now and this is maybe not completely related to version they use.

Let's take one of older ones - Wammu. It was started long time ago, it really does not get any major code changes for several years and I still don't want to make 1.0 release there. The reason is that I think that many things could be done better there. However there are quite lot of users which use it and they probably consider it stable enough :-). But they will have to live with 0.x versions as I do not plan 1.0 at all for now even if it maybe deserves it :-).

Different case is Ukolovnik. It does not have tons of features, but it's enough for me and it will be 1.0 soon. I have features to add, but I don't thing that RPC interface has to be in 1.0, it can be just thing added later.