Michal Čihař - Archive for April 23, 2008

Gammu test version 1.19.90

New Gammu testing version is finally out. This time it took much longer than usual and it contains some important fixes for messages and AT driver. Full list of changes:

  • Fix handling of UTF8 charset with some Motorola phones.
  • Identify Motorola V635.
  • Set again charset in Motorola phones after changing AT mode.
  • Automatically enable OBEX for Motorola phones.
  • Fix searching of correct Bluetooth channel.
  • Improved SMSD error messages.
  • Fix SMS listing when phone was in text mode (bug #584).
  • Fix compilation when WCONTINUED/WIFCONTINUED is not defined.
  • Fixed listing SMS messages from AT phones in text mode (bug #584).
  • Added smscgi daemon by "Kamanashis Roy Shuva" kamanashisroy@gmail.com.
  • Cache once read messages to avoid reading them again (bug #481).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/, Debian users can get packages from experimental.

Two phpMyAdmin projects in GSoC 2008

Well I did not expect that much when MySQL offered us to piggyback on their participation in GSoC 2008, but at the end we have two projects. One is about blobstreaming which I absolutely don't know and is probably some amazing new technology :-). Marc will act as a sponsor on this together with some guys from http://www.blobstreaming.org.

The second project is setup rewrite where I will act as a mentor and Piotr Przybylski will implement it. Hopefully we will bring this to successful end and soon phpMyAdmin will bring you easier way to set up and configure it's options.