Michal Čihař - Most interesting things on my blog

Most interesting things on my blog

It sometimes funny to review web server stats to see what people are looking for in my blog. I usually expect something like my name and projects I participate on. But there are some surprises:

  1. cihar
  2. gammu
  3. dosbox games
  4. pissing
  5. mpd sonata
  6. wammu
  7. phpmyadmin
  8. project names
  9. sound juicer mp3
  10. phpmyadmin themes

For most of them I'm in first page in Google results, even though I have no idea why are my posts ranked so high even for such generic things as "product names", but I don't care. What surprises me most is "pissing". I guess I know what are people looking for when they enter this word to Google ;-). But according to Google webmaster tools, I'm somewhere near 110th position. Why the hell does somebody look so deep in results? And why does he go to one line blog post? I really don't understand this. Maybe I should focus on this word and bring my post to first page of Google results ;-).