Michal Čihař - Why to make sensible error messages?

Why to make sensible error messages?

Yesterday I faced problem with VMware server that it can not run 64-bit guest system. I'm using 64-bit SUSE and 64-bit VMware, so it should work, right? I can select 64-bit system in VMware, but the guest is simply 32-bit without any error.

In documentation, man can find only "VMware Server supports 64-bit guest operating systems only on host machines with supported processors.". How helpful! After a bit of googling, it turns out that VT needs to be enabled and usually it is not enabled in BIOS (any reason for this?).

So let's reboot, go to BIOS, enable VT and it should work. Unfortunately not, after reboot, still same problem. I was almost given up at this point, but I decided to recheck BIOS, whether I really enabled the right thing. Yes I did, but I did not notice small note, that to apply this setting, I need to power off and on the computer. That was the trick! Now it finally works. I just wonder why it has to be so complicated...