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Gammu news

I finally catched up with Gammu backlog from holidays and now it is time to move it a bit further.

Automatic testing

During this week I set up CDash instance for acquiring results of automatic nightly checks of Gammu. Each night Gammu is build on several hosts (currently Debian x86_64, Debian x86, SUSE x86_64 and crosscompilation for Windows on Debian) and results are posted to the dashboard. If you have some other architecture which could participate in testing, you are welcome to contribute! It is simple - just checkout svn, create build directory and configure there Gammu using cmake. You can enable coverage tests (-DCOVERAGE=ON). Then just run every night make Nightly for regular testing or make NightlyMemoryCheck to do dynamic allocation analysis. There is more detailed documentation in sources (INSTALL file).

Thanks to this, I can hopefully sooner spot regressions and possible problems on different architectures.


With upgrade of Mantis, new feature called roadmaps arrived. I started to use it for planning features in future Gammu releases, so you can see what bugs should be fixed in future releases in Gammu roadmap. Currently there are not much things planned, because till now I had to focus only on bug fixing, but I think with 1.21.0 we have reached much better quality than in past releases and now is time to do some important changes in the core.

Nokia phone required

As you can already see in roadmap, I plan some bigger changes to Gammu core. I currently have on Sony-Ericsson phone and I would not be able to properly test how these changes will affect Nokia drivers. So for start I will need at least Nokia Series 40 3rd edition phone. Nokia 6233 (or 6234) currently looks as a reasonable choice, but if you have any hints for cheaper one with similar features, just drop me an email.

Perfect would be if somebody would have half broken phone (I do not intend to use it for anything else than Gammu development, so broken camera, speaker, microphone or display does not really matter) and will be willing to donate it to me. If this will not work out, I'll have to buy used one and I will try to collect funds for this. If you want to contribute, check my donations page for possibilities.