Michal Čihař - Gammu test version 1.23.91

Gammu test version 1.23.91

Welcome back on weekly schedule of Gammu releases. The biggest change in this release is in SMSD and RunOnReceive scripting support, which has been improved and now can contain any arbitrary command. Besides that support for vNote format has been added for backups/restores and some minor bugs were fixed.

Full list of changes follows:

  • PostgreSQL backend now supports IDs for RunOnReceive.
  • RunOnReceive is started through shell not directly.
  • Fixed reading of empty phonebook entries from Samsung (bug #809).
  • Reread messages if CMGL shows them corrupted (bug #691).
  • Added support for vNote files.
  • Properly detect Nokia 6220 Classic (bug #840).
  • Fix writing of phonebook on Motorola V8 (bug #827).
  • Detect daemon on FreeBSD.
  • Ignore charset errors on AT init as some phones might need PIN.
  • Optionally use MT for phone phonebook for AT phones.
  • Added support for quick dial numbers on AT phones.

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/,

Debian users will find packages in experimental soon, SUSE, Fedora and Mandriva users can check experimental repository in OpenSuse Build Service.