Michal Čihař - Cleaning up websites, say goodbye to Twitter

Cleaning up websites, say goodbye to Twitter

Finally I've found some time to do small cleanup on my websites. First of all I've removed links to my Twitter and Identi.ca profiles as they are dead and I don't think I'm going to make them alive any time soon. I never really got into this business and only used it as one interface to feed posts to Facebook (via Identi.ca's app there). Together my mostly read only Facebook usage, there is nothing going on there.

While touching the website code, I also did some cleanup on Wammu website (where Twitter and Identi.ca still stays as announcement media for new versions). Most notable change is that I've reduced usage of external (and in times heavy) javascript and links to social media are now just static HTML, which also nicer fit into website layout. It did indeed remove several options, but I don't think these were worth of the load it introduced.