Michal Čihař - Android support in Gammu

Android support in Gammu

Android support in Gammu is one of frequently requested features. I don't have neither time to motivation to do that, so unless somebody else will step up, it won't be done.

Recently, I got offer from MyPhoneExplorer author to share it's applet for communicating with Android phones. It basically provides protocol similar to Sony-Ericsson phones Gammu already supports, just over TCP/IP. So all what would have to be done is glue layer for using TCP/IP and possibly some minor adjustments to Sony-Ericsson code. Both of these should be quite easy tasks and I'm willing to guide you through this process.

In case anybody would be interested in this challenge, just let me know :-).


AndroidLovers wrote on June 1, 2012, 12:43 p.m.

huh, finally. That`s a great news for me. Will try that now. Thanks!