Michal Čihař - Archive for 9/2013

Enca 1.15

Enca 1.15 has been just released. It does not bring any new features, just a little of cleanup and officially moves it's code to GitHub.

If you don't know Enca, it is an Extremely Naive Charset Analyser. It detects character set and encoding of text files and can also convert them to other encodings using either a built-in converter or external libraries and tools like libiconv, librecode, or cstocs.

Full list of changes for 1.15 release:

  • Documentation improvement
  • Development moved to GitHub
  • Do not use deprecated autoconf macros

Still enca is in maintenance mode only and I have no intentions to write new features. However there is no limitation to other contributors :-).

You can download from http://cihar.com/software/enca/.

Spring in Bohemian-Moravian Highlands

After quite some delay, I got to selecting some photos for my gallery. In spring, we've spend few days in Bohemian-Moravian Highlands with Pentax Friends.

On the program there was of course taking some pictures and drinking beer or wine :-).

You can find some small but nice waterfalls:

In villages, there live wild animals:

As the weather was not really nice, we had nice opportunity to shoot some pictures in fog:

And last but not least, we've spent almost whole day taking pictures in Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk:

The trip was really nice, though we could use better weather as most of the morning there were really no nice conditions for taking pictures.

Weblate free hosting

The amount of projects using Hosted Weblate grows every month so it seems like there is quite interest in that. This growth will however bring some challenges in the future.

Currently everything is managed by myself and that really does not scale well. There should be some automation in the process of adding new projects and there should be more control given to project admins, so that they can change some things on them own. This is quite some coding, but there is another Hackweek on the way, so my plan is to implement at least something in this area as well.

Other side is unsurprisingly money - even though I just got new hardware to run this service (which will be hopefully deployed in a month or so), in the long term it might need other investments as well. That's why I've rewritten the donation page for Weblate and added some more options.

Most importantly the goal is now to get some regular income which would allow sustainable development of both Weblate and free hosting service. I think Gittip is great service for such goal, so let's see how it works.