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Weblate 1.8 is close

Thanks to great amount of changes I've been able do in Weblate during Hackweek, the 1.8 release is quite close.

All features I wanted there are implemented and it is already running for some time on my production servers which look quite stable. The only thing which needs still some improvement are translations. So that's your chance to contribute.

Translation status

If there won't be any blocking issue, Weblate 1.8 will be released during next week.

Hackweek is over

10th hackweek is over and I think it has been again great chance to hack on something. This year we even had better food supplies so interruptions from hacking were even less frequent.

As you've might have already noticed, I was working on Weblate whole week and I think it worked pretty well and I've implemented all what I wanted.

First of all, Weblate now supports login using lot of third party services (like GitHub, Facebook, Google, ...). This was achieved by using python-social-auth for that. It is quite new module for this, so hopefully it's API will stay stable enough to be usable in the long term. It was surprisingly easy to implement, though I've spent quite a lot of tweaking of the login and registration process to make it work according to my expectations.

After doing this quite big change, I thought it's about time to restructure the documentation and document new features in it. I think it now covers all important things, but if you can't find something or some parts are hard to understand, just let me know, I'll fix it.

Another quite big feature (though it won't be much visible in upcoming 1.8 release) is source string tracking. This is prerequisite for many features people have requested in Weblate's issue tracker, but these will have to wait for next releases. If you want to see some feature earlier, you can support it by money on Bountysource :-).

Weblate can now also search in all strings, which might become handy if grepping over dozen of Git repositories is not your favorite game.

And last but not least, I've implemented simple Captcha protection for new registrations as the demo server is full of bots who register there and do nothing afterward.

Basically I think this makes Weblate 1.8 feature complete and I'd like to stabilize it in upcoming weeks to release. Right now it is deployed on the demo server, where you can play with it and discover bugs :-). Also it's now time to work on Weblate translations!

First day of Hackweek

First day of hackweek did not really go as planned. I had to spend too much time on tasks which I did not now I will have to do in advance.

I've started with releasing Weblate 1.7. As a part of that I update SUSE Studio images with Weblate. Unfortunately this turned out to be more challenging than usual as with new version the build script always failed but without any obvious error. After some time, I've realized that it just does not show whole output, so the last (and most important) lines are missing.

Then it was easy to spot that the problem is in Whoosh version and it's just matter of providing newer version.

After fixing the image, I could finally focus on Weblate's issue tracker and resolved few issues and questions. I've also improved some of the in application documentation and links to documentation or other resources.

Meanwhile I could also setup translation hosting for monkeysign, happy translating!

Weblate 1.7

Weblate 1.7 has been released today. It comes with lot of improvements, especially in translation speed and many new features.

Full list of changes for 1.7:

  • Please check manual for upgrade instructions.
  • Support for checking Python brace format string.
  • Per subproject customization of quality checks.
  • Detailed per translation stats.
  • Changed way of linking suggestions, checks and comments to units.
  • Users can now add text to commit message.
  • Support for subscribing on new language requests.
  • Support for adding new translations.
  • Widgets and charts are now rendered using Pillow instead of Pango + Cairo.
  • Add status badge widget.
  • Dropped invalid text direction check.
  • Changes in dictionary are now logged in history.
  • Performance improvements for translating view.

You can find more information about Weblate on it's website, the code is hosted on Github. If you are curious how it looks, you can try it out on demo server. You can login there with demo account using demo password or register your own user. Ready to run appliances will be soon available in SUSE Studio Gallery.

Weblate is also being used https://l10n.cihar.com/ as official translating service for phpMyAdmin, Gammu, Weblate itself and others.

If you are free software project which would like to use Weblate, I'm happy to help you with set up or even host Weblate for you.

Further development of Weblate would not be possible without people providing donations, thanks to everybody who have helped so far!

Call for Weblate translations

Weblate, a free web-based translation management system, of course also needs to be translated. Now it's right time to complete translation into your language before Weblate 1.7 will be released.

The release is currently planned on Monday, to have clean table before hacking on Weblate during Hackweek. There is not much time left so jump in right now and start translating :-).

Translation status

Hiking in Slovenia

Continuing in photo blog posts, here is our last vacation - in the beginning of September we've traveled around Slovenia, mostly for hiking, but we've enjoyed other things as well.

Our first short hike was around lake Bled, which is nice lake placed in between mountains:

Afternoon we had some time left, so we've walked around Peričnik waterfall, which was close to Mojstrana where we were accommodated (if you will be looking for accommodation there, check River Cottage):

Then it came time for some serious hiking and we went up to the mountains, in the end we did not make it to Triglav because of weather, but we've gone on Cmir:

After that we had to relax a bit and visited Ljubljana and ended up near Škocjan Caves which we've visited on next day:

After relaxing evening in Saksida winery, it was time to go back to mountains. We've started visiting Tolmin gorges, which is nice natural area worth short detour:

Last days we've spent near Bovec and hiked around a bit, one of the things we've enjoyed most is trip to Krnsko lake:

This was definitely not our last trip to Slovenia as there are still some places we want to visit :-).

Trip to Switzerland

After I was at DebConf 13, we took opportunity and made short trip through Switzerland.

Even the DebConf itself brought some nice opportunities to take pictures, especially in the morning:

Then there was a day trip to Creux du Van, which is a wonderful location:

After DebConf, we've traveled to visit our friend and made some trips. The one I really enjoyed was around Luzerne and to mount Pilatus:

An while being in north of Switzerland, we simply had to see Rheinfall: