Michal Čihař - Archive for Dec. 15, 2015

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2015-W50

It has been already one week since last report and here comes next one. This week was half focused on fixing issues with Docker container for phpMyAdmin and on code cleanups.

The Docker container got support for more options, making it better suited for various use cases. I'm still thinking whether using PHP's built in server here is a good idea or we should switch to something like nginx + PHP FPM, what would make the container bigger, but it would perform better.

On the code cleanup and issues side, I started to work on two issues 11741 and 11731, which both pointed me to quite some code which could be removed or improved. Many of that was to support older PHP versions, which we no longer support. Anyway the work here is still in progress and both issues will take some time to resolve.