Michal Čihař - Archive for Feb. 20, 2018

Weblate 2.19.1

Weblate 2.19.1 has been released today. This is bugfix only release mostly to fix problematic migration from 2.18 which some users have observed.

Full list of changes:

  • Fixed migration issue on upgrade from 2.18.
  • Improved file upload API validation.

If you are upgrading from older version, please follow our upgrading instructions.

You can find more information about Weblate on https://weblate.org, the code is hosted on Github. If you are curious how it looks, you can try it out on demo server. Weblate is also being used on https://hosted.weblate.org/ as official translating service for phpMyAdmin, OsmAnd, Turris, FreedomBox, Weblate itself and many other projects.

Should you be looking for hosting of translations for your project, I'm happy to host them for you or help with setting it up on your infrastructure.

Further development of Weblate would not be possible without people providing donations, thanks to everybody who have helped so far! The roadmap for next release is just being prepared, you can influence this by expressing support for individual issues either by comments or by providing bounty for them.

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2018-W07

Last week was mostly spent on fixing issues with translations and improving our Docker container. That is now based on official PHP FPM image, so it will always get latest stable PHP instead of the one shipped by Alpine.

Besides that there was small, but important change in the motranslator library which no longer sets system locale (as it really has no good reason to do that). This change lead to releasing new major version of the library as it might need code changes for users who relied on this (what was the phpMyAdmin case).

Handled issues: