Michal Čihař - phpMyAdmin has new website

phpMyAdmin has new website

I really did not like phpMyAdmin project website for some time and wanted to change it. However it is harder and harder to find time to do some bigger thing, so this task was stuck in my queue for quite a long time.

One of biggest problem is that the website is hosted on SourceForge.net and they limit quite a lot what you can do there. Especially including external resources is hard - the website should include lot of information from SourceForge.net as news posts, file releases etc. The only reasonable option to get all external data into the website is to generate static content and push it to SourceForge.net web server.

This decision was quite clear to me and it lead me to using Python with Genshi templating to generate the website. Yes, you read it correctly - one of most popular PHP applications is using Python to generate its website.

I started to play with Genshi and feedparser about one month ago, with no clear concept of pages design, just to learn the technologies. However after creating first proposal and showing it to some friends, phpMyAdmin team members and frequent visitors to phpmyadmin IRC channel, I was quite surprised about positive feedback, so I started to work a bit harder to make it possible to have new website before we release 3.1.0.

And here it comes, just check it out at http://www.phpmyadmin.net/.