Michal Čihař - phpMyAdmin theme survey results

phpMyAdmin theme survey results

The phpMyAdmin survey for new theme is over and it's time to publish results. Today I will show only basic summary, I will dig deeper into the data later.

The first question for default theme has quite clear winner:

Default theme results

As the results are quite persuating, this gives no space to discuss.

Next question was about inclusion of additional theme in standard download kit:

Number of themes results

While two themes still have big majority, people are not that convinced about it.

The last question of the survey was which theme should be included as additional in the download kit:

Second theme results

I think this is most interesting result - while in question about default theme Graphite theme was clearly the second one, in this question people have indicated that Original theme should stay in the download kit.

I would like to thank to all 228 people who have participated (the number is low because the survey required email confirmation, but I still think it is better way than thousands of votes which are easily scriptable).

PS: You can see complete results on the survey site.