Michal Čihař - Contributing to phpMyAdmin and GSoC 2011

Contributing to phpMyAdmin and GSoC 2011

It looks like questions about contributing to phpMyAdmin are more and more frequent with upcoming GSoC. The fact that is still time for organizations to apply and it's not yet decided whether we will be accepted or not does not change anything.

But before asking, please try to look up existing resources. We have lot of information available on wiki, with entry point being contribution page on website. You should find there all basic information how project works.

Should you specifically ask for GSoC, we have an applicant guide, which tells you what to do if you want to apply. After last year experiences, we will be even stricter on previous contributions, because it turned out to be good filter for people who would have problems with contributing during GSoC as well.

In case you don't know where to start, there is list of junior jobs which should not be that complicated and then there is of course GSoC ideas list with things primarily targeted on GSoC.