Michal Čihař - phpMyAdmin in GSoC

phpMyAdmin in GSoC

As students will be able to submit applications to GSoC later today (see timeline), it's time to promote that phpMyAdmin again participates.

The ideas list is based on the one from last year with few additions, but as always, you are welcome to bring your own ideas. All information you want to know before applying can be found in our applicant guide. The most important thing is that we require you to submit patches to fix some bug or implement feature request before deadline for application submission. This proved last year to be useful to get people in touch with code base before accepting them, so that they have all things set up even before community bonding period.

So all students are welcome, you will be able to apply later today on our GSoC page.


wrote on March 28, 2011, 12:42 p.m.

Thanks Michal,

This is really a great opportunity for students. I will prefer too Fix the bugs before the deadline and uncover the code base and play with GIT.