Michal Čihař - GSoC projects for phpMyAdmin

GSoC projects for phpMyAdmin

This year we will have two more projects is GSoC comparing to last year, the chosen ones being:

  • OpenGIS support for phpMyAdmin by Madhura Jayaratne
  • Zoom-search by Ammar Yasir
  • Browse-mode Improvements ++ by Aris Feryanto
  • Drizzle support by Piotr Przybylski
  • AJAXify phpMyAdmin Interface by Thilanka Kaushalya
  • Support for Procedures: Creating a user friendly interface for the manipulation of routines, triggers and events in phpMyAdmin by Rouslan Placella
  • Query statistics & charts for the status page by Tyron
  • phpMyAdmin Automated Testing by Zarubin Stas

Looking forward to cooperation with new students, especially Madhura, Rouslan and Tyron, which I will be mentoring.

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