Michal Čihař - QtSDK installation troubles

QtSDK installation troubles

Recently my installation of Qt SDK I use for development of applications for Nokia N950 (N9) got broken. It happened by update some postinst script failed what caused almost no part of Harmattan SDK to be installed. I hoped this to be temporary error which will get fixed by later updates, but it turned out to persist even for 1.1.4 which has been released week ago.

Yesterday I finally got time to look into it and after some debugging I found out that it was trying to install x86_64 version, which was not downloaded because I was using 32bit installer. I quickly realized this was caused by using 64-bit kernel, while running 32-bit userspace, for which the installer somehow was not prepared.

Fortunately there is easy workaround for that:

linux32 ./Qt_SDK_Lin32_online_v1_1_4_en.run

What will run the binary in 32-bit personality and make kernel pretend it is compiled for 32-bit.


Leslie Satenstein wrote on Nov. 20, 2011, 3:10 p.m.

Michal, Your perhaps the one to help me. Qt forum was not able to give advice.
I installed from run to my home directory and execute from there. I would like to move SDK bin and other subdirectories to the appropriate linux path. I am using Ubuntu LTS, 32bit.
I was preferring to install the qt-everywhere stuff but it fails during compilation of some source. So I am back to the SDK only.

What do I do to make the SDK accessable globally. I am not a Linux expert, but realize there are preferred directories for bin, lib, etc.

I wish QT had created two iso linux images (one for 32bit, one for 64bit).
It would solve a real problem and a frustration with loss of hours to do simple things like build applications.

What do you suggest?

wrote on Nov. 20, 2011, 3:34 p.m.

I gave up on such effort, the SDK is sort of beast, which could be hardly put into standard locations.

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