Michal Čihař - phpMyAdmin's documentation

phpMyAdmin's documentation

As I've already written before, phpMyAdmin is getting new documentation. The basic conversion has been already done and merged, but there are always things to improve.

Right now I'm spending my free time on improving that and pushing the documentation forward. But hey, you can help in this area as well - just look at it on http://docs.phpmyadmin.net/ and in case you see any problems, fix them or at least report them.

The easiest way to contribute a fix is to use online editor Github provides. Just navigate to the documentation sources, choose appropriate file, click on edit (what automatically forks the project for you) and once you're satisfied with your changes, open a pull request.

In case this still looks too hard for you, just open a bug report or write us on mailing list or IRC.

And you can of course also contribute to documentation translations, which did unfortunately suffer quite a lot from the documentation conversion.