Michal Čihař - Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2015-W51

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2015-W51

Again one week has passed and there has been some progress on phpMyAdmin.

This week the focus was on code cleanup and issue fixing. I've identified several pieces of dead code and removed that from our code base (the biggest removal being no longer used PMA_String class). The codebase is quite old and sometimes it's not easy to identify code which is not really being used, as it still might be referenced from some locations, but without actually invoking it.

On the issue fixing side, I'm really happy from improving user experience with fields marked as binary - so far phpMyAdmin has displayed them as hexadecimal dump in all cases. Now it will display them as text as long as the content is valid utf-8.

Bugs fixed:

PS: I will most likely skip report next week due to Christmas.