Michal Čihař - Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2016-W15

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2016-W15

After weeks of bugfixing my focus has again shifted to refactoring and code cleanups.

One big area was charsets and collations, which were cached in the session data so far. This had bad effect of making the session data quite huge leading to performance loss on every page, while the cached information is needed only on few pages. I've removed this caching, cleaned up the code and everything seems to be behave faster, even the pages which used cached content in the past.

Second area was handling of file uploads. Historically we had two copies of code doing almost the same thing. I've tried to merge them and use File class for all the operations. However this code was built to handle lot of corner cases, so I'm a bit afraid of breaking some special setups.

Handled issues: