Michal Čihař - motranslator 1.0

motranslator 1.0

After two months since it's announcement I think it's good time to release 1.0 version of motranslator. This release doesn't bring any major changes, it's more to indicate that the library is stable :-).

The motranslator is a translation library used in current phpMyAdmin master (upcoming 4.7.0) with focus on speed and memory usage. It uses Gettext MO files to load the translations. It also comes with testsuite (100% coverage) and basic documentation.

Recommended way to install it is using composer from Packagist repository:

composer require phpmyadmin/motranslator

The Debian package will be available probably at point phpMyAdmin 4.7.0 will be out, but if you see need to have it earlier, just let me know.