Michal Čihař - Archive for 6/2012

New job, new challenges

Starting next week, I'll start at new job. I will still stay at SUSE, so it's not that big change, but still it is new challenge for me.

I'll be moving out of L3 department, where I've spend almost four years. L3 is really a great team where man can learn basically anything, simply because you can meet there anything from broken swap on S390 up to wrong icons in LibreOffice :-).

The new position is inside Security team, still I'll be mostly focused on writing some internal tools, rather than doing security work (at least for first year or so). The current plan is base on work I've done for L3 tools and use Django for the web interface, but that's just a plan for now and might change in the future.

Anyway looking forward to new challenges at new job.

Preview of Weblate 1.1

Upcoming Weblate 1.1 is now installed on both http://demo.weblate.org and http://l10n.cihar.com. There release is almost ready (I plan to add only one minor feature) and this setup was done to get more testing in real life setup before making actual release.

As you can see from list of changes, there are no big changes from user point of view. In case indexing offloading is enabled (what is the case for l10n.cihar.com), the interface should respond more quickly while translating (and not produce errors in some setups). The rest of changes are even more hidden, like smarter handling of merges and commits (still there is place for improvements here) or better validation of admin forms.

Anyway I hope to complete missing features and do possible bug fixes in first two week of July and you can expect 1.1 to be released around Friday 13th.

Weblate - over 20000 translations in 3 months

Today, I wondered how much translations were done using Weblate since it was born. Of course I can give only numbers for services I maintain, the biggest one being translation server for phpMyAdmin, Gammu and Weblate.

Looking at the logs, the server l10n.cihar.com helped to contribute over 20000 (actually little bit more as tracked are only changes after releasing Weblate 0.8), what is quite impressive number. Of course biggest amount of contributions came in time of preparing phpMyAdmin 3.5.0 release, where I gave it huge amount of publicity (AKA spamming my blog), but number of people accessing the website still grows since then (still number of submitted translations is slightly lower).

Now as 1.0 release proved to be quite stable, it's time to focus on 1.1 development, which will bring offloading of fulltext indexing (it was proven to be unreliable to update index online for bigger sites). Almost all issues targeted for 1.1 are already fixed and all what needs to be done is testing in real life situations.

Migrating content

I seem to have spend too much time online and used too much of blogging engines. Yesterday, I've completed yet another import of content to this blog, to have all my content available in single place.

Looking at the import scripts I already have four of them - Movabletype, Nanoblogger, Wordpress and recent addition was Drupal.

For Drupal, I had to install Node export module to have some sensible way to get the content. Then it was just matter of parsing XML and fixing up links. Quite challenging was rendering of Texy! markup in Python as there seem to no native solution available. Fortunately there is a XML-RPC service available, what made that part quite easy.

Konec phpmyadmin.cz

Po dlouhé době váhání jsem se rozhodl ukončit provoz webu phpmyadmin.cz ve stávající podobě. Sám nejsem schopen najít čas na jeho udržování a nikdo další se o jeho provoz nezajímal. Ve stávající mrtvé podobě nemá žádný smysl ho udržovat a návštěvnost je stejně minimální.

Všechny články byly naimportovány do tohoto blogu, kde je můžete nalézt v kategorii phpMyAdmin, kam je také v současné době doména phpmyadmin.cz přesměrována.

Photo uploader in new hands

Today, photo-uploader just got it's new maintainer. I've basically lost interest in maintaining it two years ago, what resulted in dropping package from Debian year ago. I thought this is end of the software, but I seem to be wrong.

As a consequence of Debian bug #677220 Andrew Shadura stepped up as an upstream maintainer. At least Imageshack support is now working in git and maybe some new features will come or the package will be reintroduced to Debian. But that's all up to Andrew. Good luck!

Slovakia trip

To continue in photography blog posts, let's document part of our last week trip around Slovakia. We've visited many nice places, starting at Muraňská planina, going trhough Slovenský ráj and ending in Nizke Tatry.

All pictures are taken in Slovenský ráj (Slovakian paradise), where I've really enjoyed taking photos of waterfalls and wonderful streams:

Suchá Bielá Sokolia dolina Sokolia dolina Piecky Piecky

Rome in May

Finally I've found time to look back at vacation in Rome and post some pictures. It has been great time there and I've really enjoyed that.

I would like to thank to Luigi Gangitano for showing us some interesting places in the city.

And now back to pictures:

Monumento a Vittorio Emanuale Spanish Steps Piramide Via Appia Antica Villa del Quintilli Castel Sant' Angello Arco di Constantino Colloseum