Michal Čihař - Archive for 1/2018

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2018-W03

Last week was mostly spent on our infrastructure - I've migrated all virtual machines from old server to new one. This went pretty smoothly with about one hour delay during the migration. Everything now should work just fine and with considerably increased performance.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2018-W02

Last week was equally spent on issues and infrastructure. There is quite serious regression in the 4.7.7 release which needs to be fixed (so far just the issue has been identified). In the same time our server is having hardware problems and we're preparing to migrate to new one (if everything goes well, the migration will be completed by the time you read this).

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2018-W01

First week of 2018 was a bit less intense on the code fixing side, but I've done some work on our infrastructure preparing for migration to the new server, which should be available as soon as Conservancy approves payments for it.

The new server will be located at Hetzner and you can check more details on the selection process in our wiki. The current server has been used for almost 10 years and is really showing it's age.

Handled issues:

Gammu release day

I've just released new versions of Gammu, python-gammu and Wammu. These are mostly bugfix releases (see individual changelogs for more details), but they bring back Wammu for Windows.

This is especially big step for Wammu as the existing Windows binary was almost five years old. The another problem with that was that it was cross-compiled on Linux and it always did not behave correctly. The current binaries are automatically produced on AppVeyor during our continuous integration.

Another important change for Windows users is addition of wheel packages to python-gammu, so all you need to use it on Windows is to pip install python-gammu.

Of course the updated packages are also on their way to Debian and to Ubuntu PPA.