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My cycle computer got crazy

After today short ride, I just wanted to look at how fast I was (well rather slow as my body is slowly getting used to usual travel distances). There was nothing surprising in most values, but maximal speed did really impress me:

171 km/h on bicycle

I just hope that it is really mistake of the computer and I did not really go that fast at some point ;-).

Velká jarní cyklojízda v Praze

Zítra ve čtvrtek 17. dubna 2008 se v Praze koná tradiční velká jarní cyklojízda . Pokud se někdy po Praze pohybujete na kole, vytáhněte ho zítra ze sklepa a přidejte se :-).

Sraz je tradičně v 18:00 na Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad a peloton se potom přes Náměstí Míru vydá na magistrálu, do Libně a skončí v Tróji, kde je připraven bohatý program.

Biking in Šumava

I spent (longer) weekend by biking in Šumava national park. Wheather was nice and we visit many interesting places (photos will be online later). But I will never ever make a mistake to travel on MTB with people on treking one, they are simply too fast on road (and they affraid leaving it). If you will be nearby, I can recommend you nice (and quite hard) trip starting at Zadov (where we were accomodated) to Churáňov mountain, then through Nicov to watchtower Javorník, following peak to Kašperk castle and then down Kašperské Hory city and back to Churáňov. It's only 45 km, minimal parts on the road and several nice downhills.

Also this was my first real life experience with geocaching as my friend had GPS there. We found about seven caches, several of them were multicaches where you need to visit several places to calculate final location. Nicest trip was to follow Vchynicko-tetovsky kanal, but finding some stages was quite difficult.

Anyway I'm considering buying GPS, it looks like a good toy :-).

Bicycle ways in Prague

As I live in another part of city since last Wednesday, I also have to find new ways for my bicycle. I know how poor situation in Prague is, but I hoped that marked way I noticed while moving will be good for travel to work.

But it looks like expected too much. Maybe somebody forgot to tell people marking this way that most people don't use bicycles on stairs. I don't know why does this way in about 3 kilometers I used it go over three stairs.

If you want to go through Prague on bike, forgot to use marked ways, you will most likely end with troubles. Better find some local people who will guide you.