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Nice OpenStreetMap project

For quite some time, I'm contributing to OpenStreetMap. Mostly covering areas where I live or I know well, but sometime I randomly update areas where I travel as well. The one important bit was always missing for me - nice frontend to render many of hidden features.

Now this space seems to be slowly filled in by map1.eu. This quite new project (first announcement has been two weeks ago) renders quite nice maps for Europe. The map is primarily intended for hiking or cycling, so it includes things like hiking routes or cycle routes. In Czech republic we have quite great maps on mapy.cz, but I don't know anything what covers whole Europe.

The project still has some issues, but is progressing nicely as you can see in today's announcement of 0.2 release (in Czech). Of course you can help, either by code or by money, which is needed to run rendering servers.

New features in phpMyAdmin

As most of the GSoC projects in phpMyAdmin go on quite well, we're already merging some of the new features to our master branch. You can try them all on our demo server and you are welcome to report any issues found :-).

First big part which has been changed is rewriting of server status page done by Tyron Madlener. It now provides more information, provides real time charts and much more. This change also included change in charts produced in other places in the code, so they are now more interactive and allow easy exporting.

The browse mode got improved as well, you can now reorder columns (by Aris Feryanto) and there are new options for displaying GIS data (by Madhura Jayaratne). While speaking about GIS, I have to mention another new feature - rendering of GIS data, either as polygons or on OpenStreetMap map (you can see it by clicking on "Visualize GIS data" link on browse page, it is not possible to link it directly due to XSS protection).

Many smaller changes are being done by Thilanka Kaushalya to convert various parts of user interface to AJAX.

And last but not least we have nice support for editing stored procedures and functions. Support for events and triggers will follow soon. All these are being done by Rouslan Placella.

I hope you will like these new features and thanks to all our GSoC students who are doing great job.