Michal Čihař - Archive for Jan. 1, 2006

Wammu site split

I decided to split Wammu site to several pages. The one page seemed too large so this was logical step which I wanted to do for a long time. I hope there are no broken links or any other broken stuff.

Site troubles

I was few days offline and it looks like it was ideal situation to apply Murphys law and break thinks on my website. Bug tracker was not able to log you in or if you managed this step, you could not post anything. This issue seems to be caused by some bug in lighttpd which I'm not able to reproduce on my devel machine (most probably because of it is 32-bit and server is 64-bit).

phpMyAdmin demo server didn't work at all because somebody hardly break mysql database and my restore scripts didn't properly handle this situation.

Right now everything should be back working, please report if there are any other issues remaining.

I hate Connex

Connex (yes, their website is broken) is one of companies handling public transport in Prague. They hadle only lines on outskirt of city, centre is handled by Prague Public Transit Co. Inc..

The largest difference between both is:

  1. Connex has half of busses very old and sometimes it looks like they will never reach destination.
  2. Connex never goes on time. Yesterday busses here went exactly between times specified in time table, today I missed the bus because it went several minutes sooner than it should.

Why the hell do such company still have license for public transport?

Again fork of cdrtools?

This issue has arised already for many times (I remember it from times I worked for SUSE and there were some problems with unmodificable source parts), but this time it seems really serious. Current problem is in CDDL being incomaptible with GNU GPL while both are being used for cdrecord code. I again have to say I don't uderstand Jörgs behaviour.

Debian has replaced cdrtools with for of it called cdrkit. So keep in mind that you will have to use wodim instead of cdrecord in near future.

Wammu 0.15

Wammu 0.15 has been just released. New features:

  • Language selection for Windows (based on GTK+ 2 ISS code).
  • Finnish translation from rosetta.
  • Searching can be done plaintext and not only regexp.
  • Phone number matching now works even for national numbers.
  • Fixed usability with inveresed themes.

MSIE hacks

Okay it looks like I again found some bug in my favourite browser. There seems to be something wrong in border handling which makes subsequent blocks to have reverse indentation of left border widht.

So instead of simple:

body.blog blockquote {
    border-left: 0.5em solid #BBB;

I have to use:

body.blog blockquote {
    border-left: 0.5em solid #BBB;
    /* Following need to be in for MSIE */
    border-top: 0.5em solid #EEE;
    border-right: 0.5em solid #EEE;
    border-bottom: 0.5em solid #EEE;

Weblog has same design as rest of site

Today I finally managed to make weblog look same as rest of my pages. I know this look is not perfect, but I'm too lazy to create something better.

For now blog style is tested only in Firefox, I will look at it from others soon to fix possible bugs.

Let's face the history

While googling for something completely different, I randomly found Czech article about phpMyAdmin from year 2000. It would not be something special if there would not be following sentece:

Vývoj se zaměřil na verzi 3.0. Ta bude obsahovat "databázové abstraktní vrstvy" a umožňí použití s Postrges a ostatními databázemi. Verze 3.0 bude vyžadovat nejméně jednu další tabulku. Zatím se tomu pokouším vyhnout, ale je to asi nevyhnutelné pro určité vlastnosti (jako je například ukládání preferencí a uživatelských SQL dotazů). Verzi 3.0 můžete (doufám) očekávat na konci roku 2 000.

Short translation to English:

Development goes to release 3.0, which will contain database abstraction layer to support PostgreSQL and other databases. Version could be expected by end of year 2000.

Well, we still don't have release 3.0 and no databse abstraction (and we most likely never will have), but it is nice to see that something like that has been planned six years ago :-).

Google reveals phpMyAdmin searches

Day after finding Google webmaster tools, I came to idea to grab from there information about http://www.phpmyadmin.net site. Most clicked search results are predictable (number in brackets shows average position in results):

  1. phpmyadmin (1)
  2. phpmyadmin download (1)
  3. php myadmin (1)
  4. php my admin (1)
  5. download phpmyadmin (1)
  6. mysql (10)
  7. php admin (1)
  8. mysql admin (5)
  9. php mysql admin (2)
  10. myadmin (2)

People garble our name in various ways, but they mostly get what they want. What suprised me is average position on generic searches like php (25th position), donwload (102nd position) and especially "net download" (8th position). When I would search for net, I'd expect something else than phpMyAdmin to appear…

Anyway it looks we need to improve our rank as MySQL admin, so let's start with it :-).