Michal Čihař - Archive for Jan. 1, 2011

OpenID in phpMyAdmin

Well not really. The simple reason is that it does not make sense without further integration with other services.

However if you want to deploy such solution, you can now base on example script, I've just pushed to our git repository. It is definitely meant only as example, major reason being storing MySQL user names and passwords in clear text in the PHP script.

phpMyAdmin has new theme

Following results of theme survey, I've changed default theme of phpMyAdmin to pmahomme:

pmahomme theme

I'm sure this new attractive look will improve user experience of upcoming 3.4 release. You can expect beta release with new theme soon and then we will hopefully smoothly continue through one (or more) release candidates to final release.

While making this theme default one, we've also offered team membership to Mike Hommé and I'm quite confident this will be valuable addition to the team. Mike, welcome on board!

phpMyAdmin translation status

Another week is over and it's time to look again at state of translations for phpMyAdmin 3.4. Compared to last week, there one three translations at 100%, so we now have 12 translations at 100%:

But there are still lot of translations which would need some love:

You can help make translation to your language better!

phpMyAdmin theme survey results

The phpMyAdmin survey for new theme is over and it's time to publish results. Today I will show only basic summary, I will dig deeper into the data later.

The first question for default theme has quite clear winner:

Default theme results

As the results are quite persuating, this gives no space to discuss.

Next question was about inclusion of additional theme in standard download kit:

Number of themes results

While two themes still have big majority, people are not that convinced about it.

The last question of the survey was which theme should be included as additional in the download kit:

Second theme results

I think this is most interesting result - while in question about default theme Graphite theme was clearly the second one, in this question people have indicated that Original theme should stay in the download kit.

I would like to thank to all 228 people who have participated (the number is low because the survey required email confirmation, but I still think it is better way than thousands of votes which are easily scriptable).

PS: You can see complete results on the survey site.

Last chance for phpMyAdmin theme survey

Today, you have very last chance to influence selection of new default theme in phpMyAdmin 3.4. You can choose from five themes (all of them are listed on our wiki).

Every opinion counts, so please visit our survey and choose the one you like most:


Besides the Original and Darkblue_orange themes, there are following to choose:


Toba theme


Graphite theme


pmahomme theme

Photo of a week 7

I'm again almost one week late, but here comes photo from seventh week. The good news is that I've managed to process photo for eight week as well so it will follow soon. This picture was taken under Charles bridge in Prague.

National theatre in background

phpMyAdmin translation status

Another week is over and it's time to look again at state of translations for phpMyAdmin 3.4. Compared to last week, there one new translation at 100% this week, thanks to Dutch translators.

We now have nine translations at 100%:

There are three which were close last week, but are still not at 100%:

Was your language not listed? You can help it being better!

German-Czech dictionary for Debian

Okay, I finally decided it's about time to make Debian package out of German-Czech dictionary for which I'm providing builds for StarDict.

Daily snapshots are (as usual) available in my Debian repository and the monthly builds will be uploaded to Debian (once it passes NEW queue).

The dictionary currently lists only few words, but I hope it will improve in near future.