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Make distclean

I just finished make distclean in my CDs. In past years I collected many data CDs which I will hardly use in future. Many of them contains various software for Windows I used in past, rest are free applications which were given with some computer magazines. They are anyway obsolete by now even if I'd use Windows.

So about hundred of CDs travels to waste bin for a long jurney to landfill :-).

Happy blogging with nanoblogger

More than month after starting this blog, it's time to summarise experiences with nanoblogger. I enjoy blogging this way much more than previously used web based interface on abclinuxu.cz. Partly this is caused by change in editing (vim is much better than textarea in browser), another reason definitely is markdown which allows me to forget about HTML in most cases.

Anyway this way leads to creating many short posts, while previously I usually posted longer stories. I don't know which way is better and readers do prefer :-). So I will try to keep rate on approximately one (short) post per day.

And back to nanoblogger. It's not perfect system, however I was not able to find better suited for me. Generating blog is quote slow, but I don't care much. I had to switch to CVS version because some URLs were wrong in rc. And I had to modify even this CVS version to fit my needs, but those were only small changes. If you want text editor driven blogging system without comment support, nanoblogger might be good choice for you, otherwise you probably need something else.

DVB-T hell

I today spent quite a lot of time while trying to setup new television OVP CTV 2991 RF DVB-T. The only reason why we choose this one is because it is cheap and has integrated DVB-T tuner. Set top box was not an option because it would be too complicated for grandma who will be the only user.

The DVB-T tunes in this TV seems to be crap. It requires much stronger signal than my Hauppauge Nova-USB. Why the hell they can not make simmilar quality receiver as in cheap USB adapter? And don't trust anybody who will tell you that DVB-T can be received on anything.

New place to live

After quite long searching we finally managed to choose new place to live. Looking was hard due to requirements on low price and good quality, however I thing result is quite good. It's located at the end of Prague near underground station Opatov.

Moving will start next week, hurray.

Big brother is watching you (on IRC)

The idea is simple, but I haven't seen this before. Place bot on IRC channel, collect URL and generate web page which shows linked images. This is exactly what irc.tnet.no does. Big brother is becoming reality. Maybe sometimes we will have also analysis what people really talk about, but images can tell quite a lot.

Anyway if you want to know what people search for, Slovak search engine provides you this possibility under URL containing well known year 1984 :-).

More ham than spam?

I just wondered, whether it is possible to receive more ham than spam emails. After 12 hours server outage, I can say that it is possible. However it takes only one hour and then spam again wins. At least it is good that spam bots are still not clever enough to retry sendins, they simply drop everything what could not be delivered. I only hope that none regullar mail server does it also, otherwise I'd lost that message.

Paypal sucks

Hey Paypal is cool service. Sourceforge relies on it for their donation system as well as other service providers with payments. It (probably) works well if you live in US or other country which Paypal likes. If you live in one which they don't like, like Czechia, you have only chance to get limited account from them. Why the hell do they limit this. I can understand when I'd have to pay more for money withdraval as internation bank transfers are expensive, but why I can not receive money?

Trying to talk with their support and trying to get answer why it is not possible to receive money in country which is member of EU doesn't tell more than their website:

PayPal is constantly working to expand and improve services for our customers. We hope that we can enable you to use more of our award-winning services in the future.

It's great you're trying to improve services so hardly, that you were not able to allow me to receive money during two yers. Really good job.

Stydím se za svůj rodný jazyk?

Moje stránky jsou v angličtině, programy, které vytvářím mají jako primární jazyk angličtinu a tak asi také spadám do kategorie na zastřelení .

Nějak pořád nemůžu najít co je na tom špatně? To mám lidi z celého světa nutit ke čtení česky psaných stránek? Mnohem pravděpodobnější je, že by se na to vykašlali. A já se vždy naivně domníval, že cílem zveřejnění nečeho je co největší publikum.

Ano je tu možnost mít dvě verze stránek a tak jsem to jeden čas dělal, ale psát všechny změny do dvou verzí nebylo v mých silách a stejně to nakonec skončilo tak, že český návštěvník asi v polovině případů dostal anglický text. Nicméně pokud se najde dobrovolník, který překlady bude udržovat, tak nechť se ozve ;-).

Proč nemám rád poštu?

Proč mě vždycky pošta dokáže naštvat? Na to jak jí nevyužívám mi to přijde až moc často. Jediné věci které mi jejím prostřednictvím chodí je výpis z účtu (ne že bych na to trval, ale pro zrušení bych asi musel na pobočku, takže to je odloženo až tam budu muset z jiného důvodu) a dva předplacené časopisy.

S předplatným se dnes pošta opět vyznamenala. To že mi chodí až s dvoutýdením spožděním už považuji za normální a až tak mi to nevadí. Ale to že mi časopis prostě pohodí před dveře bytu mi přijde už docela jako nehoráznost. Aspoň až mi příště něco vůbec nedorazí, budu vědět proč.

Ach to SourceForge

Projekty na SourceForge jsou už od pátku bez CVS. Proč mi informace o výpadku připadají jenom jako naprosté mlžení a skrývání skutečného problému? Ale hlavně že to umějí popsat tak dlouhým textem…

( 2006-04-03 05:55:21 - Project CVS Service )   On 2006-03-30 the developer CVS server had a substantial system failure. Due to the implementation of the CVS service, there is a single point of failure with multiple points of recovery (there is more than one data source we could potentially recover from if there is any data loss as a result of the failure). This outage currently affects developer CVS access directly, but we have disabled tarball updates and data syncs from the developer CVS server to the anonymous pserver/ViewCVS hosts as an additional level of precaution. Our main focus since the outage was detected has been to safegaurd all data on the developer CVS server as well as possible. We are currently attempting to backup the data on the host, which is taking longer than we initially anticipated it would, but is a necessary step to fully safegaurd the host's data. Next, we are going to perform some data validation to ensure the data set appears valid. Pending successful completion of those steps, we'll reenable developer CVS access. A few days after, we'll reenable CVS tarballs and syncs to anonymous CVS. In the mean time, we're currently advancing plans for a CVS architecture change based upon the knowledge we gained during Subversion deployment to eliminate the single point of failure that developer CVS currently has, add horizontal scalability and overall service resiliance. However, we still do not have an estimate on when developer CVS services will be restored, but we have been, and currently are actively working to restore access to CVS. We appreciate your patience with us while we work to properly resolve this major outage.

( 2006-03-31 07:00:01 - Project CVS Service )   On 2006-03-30 the developer CVS server had a hardware issue that required us to take the service offline. We are actively working on this problem and hope to have it back up soon. There is not a current estimate for the duration of this outage, but when we get one, it will be posted on the site status page (this page). We currently expect this outage to last 48 hours, at minimum.

Pravdu mají ti, kteří trvdí, že takové hromadění free software na jednom serveru není dobrá věc.