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Cleaning up the web

After recent switch of this blog to Django, I've also planned to switch rest of my website to use same engine. Most of the code is already written, however I've found some forgotten parts, which nobody used for really a long time.

As most of the things there is free software, I don't like idea removing it completely, however it is quite unlikely that somebody will want to use these ancient things. Especially when it quite lacks documentation and I really forgot about that (most of them being Turbo Pascal things for DOS, Delphi components for Windows and so on). Anyway it will probably live only on dl.cihar.com in case anybody is interested.

Piwik not logging action URLs

For some time (probably since upgrade to 1.0) it looks like my Piwik installation did not log URLs and page titles from visitors. Simply all URLs and page titles logged were blank.

While I still postponed the investigation of this, I was pretty sure it must be some configuration issue and not a bug, so I felt reluctant to report this.

Today I finally found time and copied upstream global.ini.php to my installation and it seems to do the trick. I should better care of upgrading next time :-).

PS: Any volunteer for packaging piwik for Debian?

Comments on blog

One of reasons of recent move my blog to custom Django based application was use of comments. Today I've finally found time to enable support for them, so you can provide me feedback directly without mailing me or reposting on some planet where my blog is syndicated.

I hope it will not turn into fight with spam bots, for now I'm using only protection Django has built-in.

New blog engine

I was quite unhappy with nanoblogger which I was using for quite some time on this blog. Not that it is bad, but it really scales bad. Having more than 600 of blog posts is something which it really has troubles to handle.

So I decided to go somewhere else. After looking and testing some ready solutions, I rather decided to implement my own engine using Django. The implementation took exactly one evening including script to migrate old posts, so it was really an easy task. As a bonus I get quite easily reusable components once I decide to change my main website to Django as well.

Also while doing this change, I changed the look quite a lot, hopefully this one is easier to navigate and it did not lose any of old functionality.

Blog breakage

Hmm, it looks like upgrading markdown was not clever idea, it seems to have broken lot of posts on the blog.

Hopefully it is correct now.

Updated blog

I finally managed to update my blog to new nanoblogger, which should work a bit faster and is easier to control, so I might get back to throwing random thoughts to world wide web.

While doing that, I modified a little bit templates, what means that I cut out most of dependency on Google - for statistics I use own Piwik instance and the advertisement is currently served by AdBard.

Going native IPv6

I finally managed to ask my hosting provider for a IPv6 addresses and it went surprisingly smoothly. So since today, all what is running on my server (for example Wammu website or phpMyAdmin wiki and demo) should be accessible natively over IPv6.

And thanks to Sixxs guys for providing tunnel which I've been using up to now.

New server is up and running

If you can read this, it means that new server is running. It looks like migration went quite smoothly, at least I do not see any problems so far.

So now the phpMyAdmin demos, wiki and other not so popular services will have enough power to run nicely. I hope that quad core CPU with 8 gigabytes of RAM will last at least few ears ;-).