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Weblog has same design as rest of site

Today I finally managed to make weblog look same as rest of my pages. I know this look is not perfect, but I'm too lazy to create something better.

For now blog style is tested only in Firefox, I will look at it from others soon to fix possible bugs.

Do Google sitemaps have effect?

I just looked over Google webmaster tools which looks like interesting way to get some information from Google about page ranking, top search where it is being listed and crawler found errors on pages. It also suggests everybody to supply sitemap with information about last update time of pages on site.

I found plugin for MediaWiki so I added it to phpMyAdmin wiki, generating it for this blog was pretty easy as here is only static content and for phpMyAdmin demo server with few indexable pages it was trivial. However I'm not yet convinced to invest much effort in creating sitemap for cihar.com as it is too complicate to create. Let's see if sitemap will make Google sooner index my changes.

Nanoblogger customisations for next time

As time goes, I again needed to touch NanoBlogger code. I again saw there is bug with calendar alignment, for which I made simple patch, hopefully it will get soon into CVS.

Another thing I wanted to improve is displaying of feeds in web browser. This can be simply done by adding CSS style.

If you want to list all category feeds on main page, you can find it in my patch for generating this listing.

Next code is to allow inclusion of blog listings in other pages on my site such as phpMyAdmin demo. This is achieved by generating special pages which only list entries.

And last thing is enabling and fixing of title based permalinks, which was first thing I hacked for NanoBlogger :-).

Update: I filed NanoBloggers patch tracker with all those patches, let's see how much of them will get included.

Troll resistant bugtracker?

I just found out that Mantis is not troll resistant bug tracker. I haven't noticed that in default configuration any reporter can "remind" all registered users and make them monitoring any issue. And there is no way to stop monitoring from Mantis. This is exactly what happened to bug 161.

I removed them using phpMyAdmin and I hope that I didn't break anyting. As next I disabled reminding for reporters in Mantis and I hope I didn't upset too much people. If I did, I'm really sorry.

Update: It looks that user was only too impatient and expected reply…

phpMyAdmin wiki

Today I lanched experimental period of phpMyAdmin wiki. Feel free to share your experiences with phpMyAdmin and/or contribute documentation.

I'd like to move it later to wiki.phpmyadmin.net, so don't think that this URL is permanent, but we will see later if this is possible.

Nanoblogger update

I ran cvs update on NanoBlogger and I was suprised that it has new feature :-). So since today you can view per day archives. It doesn't make much sense for my blog, but sometimes it happens to contain more entries, like last Sunday.

No that I'd miss this feature, but I felt there is something missing when man followed structure of generated files. Thanks to developers!

Typo redirect

While looking at webserver statistics, I noticed that people often write URLs wrongly. But the computer is here to fix it :-).

So you can now safely use gamu insted of gammu, wamu instead of wammu and even pyhon instead of python (this one was the most frequent).

PS: I also added missing graphs to Pack Test site.