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More on Flattr

My last post about Flattr has received much more attention than I would expect from short rant, but the feedback forced me to think a bit more about the issue.

I guess that most of Flattr early adopters jumped in for getting some money for things they produce (regardless it is music, text, software or anything else). The initial setup required users to also give money to others and this limitation was later removed and now you can only receive money without giving anything out. In the beginning every now and they I've discovered some interesting thing to flattr, so I usually had to postpone it to next month to give at least some reasonable value. This way initial money people have put there circulated between users and on each transaction they were reduced by 10% fee, what could lead to natural reduction of money available in the system.

Flattr is of course trying to introduce new features to attract new users. Flattr-a-Twitter is probably nice thing, however I somehow did not really get on Twitter train and I think I never will. The new catalog looks nice, still I don't think I will spend time browsing it and looking for content there. So basically this adds nothing useful for me.

Another recent feature - thanking to people who have flattered your thing in last month is IMHO bad idea. I've always seen Flattr as simple way to give little money to lot of various things. In case everybody would send thank you email, it would become every month spam, which I would simply ignore.

phpMyAdmin translations status

As phpMyAdmin is approaching to 3.5 release, it has come time to share about translations status. Same as with past releases, you can expect this "spam" every week or so.

The 3.5 release comes with lot of new strings, so it's some work to get to 100%. However some translators have already managed this and we currently have five translations on 100%:

  • English (Great Britain)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

There are few which are really close to 100% and I hope they will get there soon:

  • Danish
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Slovenian

Just on next level is Czech, where I'm progressing quite slowly and would welcome help :-).

Was your language not mentioned? It's now perfect time to contribute to it.

Looking forward to FOSDEM

I just got confirmed my flight bookings for FOSDEM 2012, so I'm looking to meet all great people there again. This year we've again arranged there meeting of phpMyAdmin developers, now it also includes three new faces from last years GSoC.

As for my schedule I did not yet find time to check all the schedule, but what definitely sounds interesting for me is Open Mobile Linux Devroom and some talks in MySQL and Friends Devroom. Rest will be (as usual) scheduled on the fly as I meet people there. This year I decided to deliberately skip keysigning as last year I anyway did not manage to attend it and I expect this year to be equally busy.

In case you want to meet me there, just let me know, we can try to arrange something in free slots :-).

Call for translations of phpMyAdmin 3.5

First phpMyAdmin's alpha release for 3.5 is out for some time and it's best time to start translating if you want to be on time for final release.

For information about translating, check our website, in short you can translate either offline (get file from Git, translate and post it to translations tracker) or use online translation system available here:


As you can see in the summary, there is lot of new or changed strings, many of the new ones coming from advisor. I suggest you to keep these as last to translate as there is quite lot of them and it is more important to have translated rest of application. The advisor messages are placed at the end of po file.

I believe we can reach good amount of complete translations by final release with your contributions!

PS: You can expect me again to publish translations stats on this blog as we're heading to release.

Flattr losing it's momentum?

From what I can see on both my personal Flattr account (where was never really much going on) and on (more attractive) phpMyAdmin's profile, the amount of people using Flattr there goes down there every month. There was definitely big momentum when it has been introduced, many geeks saw it as great opportunity for making micro payments work. Maybe people who started to use it at beginning are slowly abandoning it (what is true for me as well) and new ones simply don't come that much or whatever else. Anyway I definitely don't have the big picture to see whether is global trend or just my project is more unlucky...

phpMyAdmin translations

Today, while merging changes to phpMyAdmin from our translation server I was very surprised that we have two languages which already reached 100% - Slovenian and Turkish (and four more just few strings from 100%). The huge amount of new strings introduced during 3.5 development (mostly being MySQL advisor hints) made me thing it will take very long time till they all get translated, but I was proven wrong.

Anyway there is still lot of work to do, so feel free to join our translators team.

phpMyAdmin demo server updates

phpMyAdmin demo server got some updates recently. First of all I've updated MySQL and MariaDB version it uses (MySQL is now on 5.5.7 and MariaDB on 5.3.2).

Later I've finally found time to make mentions of demo server less intrusive and fit more in existing interface. I've used jQuery to inject information about demo server to main page as one of standard boxes. It fits there nicely and puts information on main page where most users land anyway (you can see it for example here). With most important information on main page, the other pages could be reduced and now only mentions demo server and Git revision it is using.

This brings user experience closer to real phpMyAdmin without intrusive information shown on top of every page. I hope you will like it :-).

Překlad phpMyAdmina

Po delší době jsem se rozhodl do blogu občas přispět i v českém jazyce, tentokrát trochu agitační.

V nové verzi phpMyAdmina bude mimo jiné poradce pro nastavení parametrů serveru, v podstatě obdoba MySQLTuneru a podobných nástrojů. Protože se seskládá z velkého množství pravidel, jedná se opět pro velkou práci pro překladatele. Což je i důvod proč sem píši - zatím většina jejich popisů není přeložena do češtiny a to je úkol, se kterým můžete (při znalosti technické angličtiny) pomoci. Stačí se zaregistrovat na překladový server a začít překládat.

Samozřejmě je záhodno dodržet stávající terminologii používanou v překladu, ale jsem nakloněn i připomínkám a úpravám v něm, stačí se mi ozvat.

New Pootle on l10n.cihar.com

Translation server for phpMyAdmin and Gammu/Wammu has been updated to run latest Pootle. I had to do this upgrade to be able to run on latest Django, which is used by other websites as well (this blog is one of them).

Unfortunately it was not as easy as running apt-get upgrade as Pootle package has been dropped from Debian recently. So I had to make quick and dirty packages myself (no removal of embedded software and so on).

Installing newer version lead to major breakage as the database upgrade silently failed and I had to recover manually. In the end I've dropped all pootle_* tables and recreated them again. Unfortunately this lead to loss of some data from user profiles, but I could not see other way around.

Anyway the service should be now back running in normal shape, so go ahead and translate :-).

New features in phpMyAdmin

As our GSoC students are approaching quite well, we've already numerous features included in current master, which are worth mentioning. You can try all bellow mentioned features on our demo server.

Grid editing provides really simple way of editing data, by simply clicking on it while browsing table. Just try it on some table.

Performance suggestions are part of completely reworked server status and can give you valuable information how to tune your server. You can see it on demo server.

Another nice addition to server status page is live monitor, which charts basic server information in real time. Again, try it on demo server (you need to press start for now, this will probably go away soon).

Other big, thought not that fancy change is complete support for routines. This includes stored procedures/functions, triggers and events. For example see routines in sakilla database.

Of course there is much more to mention, like improving of AJAX in lot of places, GIS support.

On the other side, we've also recently decided to remove support for Microsoft Excel import and export as used PHPExcel library seems to suffer some licensing issues, which prevented phpMyAdmin from being included in Fedora. You can still use CSV or OpenDocument formats though.