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phpMyAdmin available in Packagist

For quite some time, we did provide Composer packages for phpMyAdmin, though they were available only in separate repository and not in the main Packagist repository, but now it's there!

The reason why we didn't do that was that it really doesn't integrate well with our release process - we release ready to use tarballs, while the VCS doesn't contain all things end users expect (eg. byte compiled localization files). Putting generated content to VCS didn't sound right and there is no option of using own tarballs on Packagist repo.

That's why we've ended up providing own channel with release tarballs. However this approach is not good either as that already bundles dependencies installable by composer, possibly causing problems when trying to upgrade these.

Therefore I've decided to generate separate VCS for composer packages. This way it doesn't pollute development VCS, but still Composer gets what it expects. The phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin is now using separate VCS and is updated daily using shell script. There might be some glitches during initial runs, so please report me any problems you see.

You can find more information on installing phpMyAdmin using Composer in our documentation.

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W19

Last week I finally got to doing something else than bug screening and fixing.

First of all the daily snapshots were improved in order to indicate the snapshot detail on our website, so that it's clear when it has been built and from which Git commit.

I've also looked at long outstanding issue of removing eval() usage from our codebase. The last piece where it has been used for Advisor and there is now my pull request to get rid of that.

Second long annoying thing is that we really don't have theme metadata in some easy to read format. Some of the information is set by PHP code and that's not really something you want to use to just get theme name, author or compatibility (actually the last bit is not really there). I've rewritten this to use JSON and there is pull request to implement the changes.

Probably both pull requests will land into master this week.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W18

Last week I finally got back to work after mostly two weeks of vacation, so there was quite a lot of things to do. I've merged several pull requests, gone through incoming bugs and generally did some cleanup in our issue trackers.

I've also worked on new daily snapshots of our code, which are now available for download of for use from Docker Hub.

Handled issues:

New daily snapshots for phpMyAdmin

We have stopped providing daily snapshots for phpMyAdmin pretty much at time we've moved to GitHub, which allowed to download any branch as zip file. However since introduction of Composer to manage our dependencies, additional steps were required to get working copy of phpMyAdmin out of the snapshots.

Since today the ready to use snapshots are available again. They will be updated every day and are built in exactly same way as our releases, so all you need to do is download them and start using.

These snapshots can be also used from Docker - the phpMyAdmin image now has brand new tags edge-4.7 and edge-4.8 which are updated with every snapshot and contain latest changes from development branches.

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W17

I got back to work last week after vacation I had. The GSoC selection process is almost done (in two days the accepted students will be announced by Google) and things got again a bit calmer, so the usual amount of bug fixing and pull requests review has been done.

One thing worth mentioning is that we have started to use Twig templates and first templates were just ported to this. It will better enforce logic separation from the templates and also it makes templates easier to read.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W15

Last week was a bit shorter for me due to Easter, but still quite some work has been done. My time was mostly was spent on Docker and handling pull requests.

Anyway you won't see my report next week as I'm having few days off.

Handled issues:

Weblate 2.13

Weblate 2.13 has been released today pretty much on the schedule. The most important change being more fine grained access control and some smaller UI improvements. There are other new features and bug fixes as well.

Full list of changes:

  • Fixed quality checks on translation templates.
  • Added quality check to trigger on losing translation.
  • Add option to view pending suggestions from user.
  • Add option to automatically build component lists.
  • Default dashboard for unauthenticated users can be configured.
  • Add option to browse 25 random strings for review.
  • History now indicates string change.
  • Better error reporting when adding new translation.
  • Added per language search within project.
  • Group ACLs can now be limited to certain permissions.
  • The per project ALCs are now implemented using Group ACL.
  • Added more fine grained privileges control.
  • Various minor UI improvements.

If you are upgrading from older version, please follow our upgrading instructions.

You can find more information about Weblate on https://weblate.org, the code is hosted on Github. If you are curious how it looks, you can try it out on demo server. You can login there with demo account using demo password or register your own user. Weblate is also being used on https://hosted.weblate.org/ as official translating service for phpMyAdmin, OsmAnd, Aptoide, FreedomBox, Weblate itself and many other projects.

Should you be looking for hosting of translations for your project, I'm happy to host them for you or help with setting it up on your infrastructure.

Further development of Weblate would not be possible without people providing donations, thanks to everybody who have helped so far! The roadmap for next release is just being prepared, you can influence this by expressing support for individual issues either by comments or by providing bounty for them.

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W14

It's hard for me to pinpoint something from last week - it had usual amount of fixes, pull requests on both phpMyAdmin, Docker image and SQL parser.

Overall I feel we've already piled up quite a lot of fixes over 4.7.0, maybe it's time to reconsider the two monthly schedule, to push the fixes more frequent to users. I'm really unsure how to balance the release schedule. With one month cycle, the releases seem to come too frequently, but with two months, there are quite a lot of fixes in the release which probably could have been released earlier...

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W13

Last week before GSoC applications deadline is over and we will start evaluating student proposals now. As usual, many students are coming to the project in last minute and start asking basic questions few days or hours prior to deadline. This period is now over and we can again more focus on fixing bugs and guiding contributors.

I've spent quite a lot of time on our Docker container last week, mostly to improve it's testing - it's now possible to execute tests from within the container as well, there is also separate Docker compose configuration to run tests.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W12

Last week was again quite busy with reviewing pull requests from GSoC applicants and going through incoming bugs for 4.7.0-rc1 as we're approaching final 4.7.0 which should be released this week.

I've finally spent some time on our documentation and it got branch new chapter Security policy. It's content is mostly from old wiki, but has been updated with current information. It's still not covering all topics, but at least we have some foundation to base on.

Handled issues: