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Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W40

Last week I've finally got to common.inc.php cleanup which is assigned to me for more than year. I've again managed to cleanup some parts of it, but it's quite challenging task as whenever I touch this (mostly ancient) code, I found some issues with it and have to fix other things as well.

Another interesting topic was fixing operation with database or table called 0. This is well known PHP issue that empty function in string containing just 0 will return true, however some of our code was using that to test whether database or table are set. This should be now fixed in master branch.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W39

Last week was mostly focused on catching up after two weeks of vacation. That involved quite a lot of things in our issue tracker and cleanup of pending things in pull requests.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W36

Last week was heavily focused on our Selenium tests and improving their speed and reliability. This was pretty much achieved and there seem to be no random failures now.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W35

Last week was pretty productive on bug fixing side. These were quite varied from server monitor breakage on non Linux and Windows platforms to minor rendering issues of date selector. Quite interesting new feature is that our SQL parser now better understands to some MariaDB extensions.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W34

Last week was again mostly spent on fixing bugs and going through reports on our error reporting server. This is really valuable tool for finding problems which hit our users, on the other side there is simply too many things there and sometimes it's hard to pinpoint something really important.

Besides that I've also ensured that all our libraries work well with upcoming PHP 7.2 and all are now tested on Travis CI against this version as well.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W33

Last week was a bit less intensive on bug fixes, but I've spent quite a lot of time on improving our localized documentation and fixing various errors there. This is really something what should be automatically checked in Weblate in the long term, but right now it results in build failures in Travis.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W32

I've spent last week on DebConf, where main motivation to come was to meet with other phpMyAdmin team members. Besides that we've met with Marc, former phpMyAdmin lead.

On the coding side, it was pretty much just reviewing pull requests and some minor fixes.

Handled issues:

Weekly phpMyAdmin contributions 2017-W31

This week was quite productive in terms of bug fixes and various code improvements. One of most visible things is probably PHP 7.2 compatibility, but there were other fixes as well.

I've somehow failed to post this report on time, so sorry for late publishing.

Handled issues:

Changes to Docker container for Weblate

I've made several changes to the Weblate Docker container which are worth mentioning today.

First of all if you are still using nijel/weblate, you should switch to weblate/weblate. They both currently share same configuration, but it might happen that some future updates will go to the weblate owned container only.

Now back to the container changes. Since beginning we were using Django built in server. That's fine for development purposes, but it really doesn't work that well in production as it can handle only one request at time. Therefore we've switched to more robust approach using nginx + uwsgi + supervisor.

Thanks to this, the docker-compose no longer needs separate nginx server as everything is now sanely handled within the weblate container itself.

Going to DebConf17

After fours years, I will again make it to DebConf, I'm looking forward to meet many great people, so if you want to meet and happen to be in Montreal next week come and say hello to me :-).

It seems I've settled down on four year schedule - I've attended DebConf09 and DebConf13 so far. Let's see if next one will come in 2021 or earlier.