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Biking in Šumava

I spent (longer) weekend by biking in Šumava national park. Wheather was nice and we visit many interesting places (photos will be online later). But I will never ever make a mistake to travel on MTB with people on treking one, they are simply too fast on road (and they affraid leaving it). If you will be nearby, I can recommend you nice (and quite hard) trip starting at Zadov (where we were accomodated) to Churáňov mountain, then through Nicov to watchtower Javorník, following peak to Kašperk castle and then down Kašperské Hory city and back to Churáňov. It's only 45 km, minimal parts on the road and several nice downhills.

Also this was my first real life experience with geocaching as my friend had GPS there. We found about seven caches, several of them were multicaches where you need to visit several places to calculate final location. Nicest trip was to follow Vchynicko-tetovsky kanal, but finding some stages was quite difficult.

Anyway I'm considering buying GPS, it looks like a good toy :-).

Comments on Blog

Russell Coker, if you have enabled comments for blog, make sure that they can be used. And no, I do not think creating blog on blogger.com is appropriate way to post a comment.

Hmm all I wated to say to your spam blocking is that you can do SMTP time bayes (using spamassasin) using sa-exim, but I'm pretty sure there exist more alternatives.

phpMyAdmin wiki

Today I lanched experimental period of phpMyAdmin wiki. Feel free to share your experiences with phpMyAdmin and/or contribute documentation.

I'd like to move it later to wiki.phpmyadmin.net, so don't think that this URL is permanent, but we will see later if this is possible.

How to become number one in market?

On tuesday I realised how to become number one on mobile market. At least what marketing says is number one.

Stop random people in shopping centre and give them free precharged SIM cards. This way you will quickly have largest number of active SIM cards. No matter that those people never paid you anything, but they will be "active" for next year (or how long does card takes to expire when there is no credit). Good job T-Mobile :-).

Nanoblogger update

I ran cvs update on NanoBlogger and I was suprised that it has new feature :-). So since today you can view per day archives. It doesn't make much sense for my blog, but sometimes it happens to contain more entries, like last Sunday.

No that I'd miss this feature, but I felt there is something missing when man followed structure of generated files. Thanks to developers!