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Hidden Gammu feature - hints

When you connect Gammu to phone, it does several checks on phone (I'm currently talking especially about AT based connections). Some of these checks might result in suggestions on improvements in configuration either in code or configuration. However they are a bit hidden - you need to enable debug log to actually see them.

One of those hints might allow Gammu to do much more with your phone:

HINT: Please consider adding F_OBEX to your phone capabilities in common/gsmphones.c

F_OBEX will tell Gammu, that phone can be switched to OBEX mode, which might provide access to more features than generic AT mode. The word might is important here, because for some phones OBEX does not bring anything new and using it only hides some AT functionality. This is also reason, why switch is not done automatically and you must change sources to do this. I'd gladly accept patches, if you have successfully tested F_OBEX with your phone!

New phone database features

Thanks to suggestion by Georg Lehner, Gammu Phone Database now support additional searching by supported features. So from now, you can easily search which phones support MMS (well I think this list contains few false positives, but that's what users have entered).

In addition to this, you can grab data in CSV format. It does not contain everything what is displayed online, especially emails are not exposed at all, but it might be useful to do some more complex statistics or queries. Format of this file might change in future, so please be smart enough when writing some parser for it ;-).

Back from vacation

It has been almost two weeks of silence from be because I was enjoying vacation on Sicily.

Now I've read almost all mails and getting back to work ;-). There were opened lots of bugs in Gammu bug tracker, so it is first thing I need to look at. Fortunately there were no new bugs on my Debian packages, so at least this part will be easy (and only Sonata package needed upgrade, which has been done right now).

Gammu test version 1.12.90

I just released new version of Gammu. This release adds various fixes to AT phones driver and fixes various other crashes. Full list of changes:

  • Initial support for Motorola phones (bug #15 and #310).
  • Avoid work on uninitialized buffer when checking firmware.
  • Use HTTP/1.1 requests for getting firmware and version info.
  • Improve charset handling for AT phones.
  • Fix crash on broken CPMS response.
  • Fix reading of memory not starting from 1 (thanks to drgerafe).
  • Fix pressing of keys on phones who do not support IRA charset.

Gammu and Symbian 3rd generation

As I recently got yet another round of requests to make Gammu work with 3rd generation of Symbian phones. I know there is still more and more of them, but none of developers have possibility to port gnapplet to work with these phones.

Basically all required steps are described on Nokia website, so it should not be that hard. It only needs somebody who is able to write in C++. You can get CDK for Symbian phones for free (eg. from Nokia, but I guess that from any phone vendor) and start to port gnapplet. Any contributions in this area are welcome, because I can't do much without Symbian phone.

Wammu 0.21

I just released version 0.21 of Wammu. This is again mostly bugfix release, which fixes various bugs reported by users.

  • Tell user if he needs to be member of some group while searching.
  • Avoid blocking opening of a browser.

There is still no binary for Windows. I don't have time for debugging crashes that happen there.

Update: I forgot to mention completely new Chinese translation!

Motorola support in Gammu

As I wrote in past, one of targets in next stable Gammu release is to have much better support for Motorola phones. The biggest problem with them is that Motorola separated AT commands in two separate subsets and each can be issued in different phone mode. I just hacked support for this into Gammu, so basic operations with Motorola phones should work.

If you have Motorola phone, I'll welcome you to test new code. Just download current snapshot or use subversion to get latest code, compile it and run against your phone.

Gammu stable version 1.12.0

I just released new version of Gammu. There are no big changes since last stable release:

  • Added dku5fbus-nodtr and fbus-nodtr variants, which do not care about DTR/RTS signals (thanks to Jakub Zawadzki).
  • Do not delete phonebook entries when there are none (bug #317).
  • This release comes with new API, which should provide stable ABI for upcoming versions. If you're distributor, who had special dependency handling for libGammu, you can now keep it on soname, versions with same soname will be backwards compatible.

For stable users, there are quite a lot of changes, especially for developers, conversion to new API will probably hurt. There is porting documentation included in sources and if it does not help you, feel free to ask!

Stay tuned, release evening will continue ;-).