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Back from vacation

It has been almost two weeks of silence from be because I was enjoying vacation on Sicily.

Now I've read almost all mails and getting back to work ;-). There were opened lots of bugs in Gammu bug tracker, so it is first thing I need to look at. Fortunately there were no new bugs on my Debian packages, so at least this part will be easy (and only Sonata package needed upgrade, which has been done right now).

Gammu test version 1.12.90

I just released new version of Gammu. This release adds various fixes to AT phones driver and fixes various other crashes. Full list of changes:

  • Initial support for Motorola phones (bug #15 and #310).
  • Avoid work on uninitialized buffer when checking firmware.
  • Use HTTP/1.1 requests for getting firmware and version info.
  • Improve charset handling for AT phones.
  • Fix crash on broken CPMS response.
  • Fix reading of memory not starting from 1 (thanks to drgerafe).
  • Fix pressing of keys on phones who do not support IRA charset.

Gammu and Symbian 3rd generation

As I recently got yet another round of requests to make Gammu work with 3rd generation of Symbian phones. I know there is still more and more of them, but none of developers have possibility to port gnapplet to work with these phones.

Basically all required steps are described on Nokia website, so it should not be that hard. It only needs somebody who is able to write in C++. You can get CDK for Symbian phones for free (eg. from Nokia, but I guess that from any phone vendor) and start to port gnapplet. Any contributions in this area are welcome, because I can't do much without Symbian phone.

Wammu 0.21

I just released version 0.21 of Wammu. This is again mostly bugfix release, which fixes various bugs reported by users.

  • Tell user if he needs to be member of some group while searching.
  • Avoid blocking opening of a browser.

There is still no binary for Windows. I don't have time for debugging crashes that happen there.

Update: I forgot to mention completely new Chinese translation!

Motorola support in Gammu

As I wrote in past, one of targets in next stable Gammu release is to have much better support for Motorola phones. The biggest problem with them is that Motorola separated AT commands in two separate subsets and each can be issued in different phone mode. I just hacked support for this into Gammu, so basic operations with Motorola phones should work.

If you have Motorola phone, I'll welcome you to test new code. Just download current snapshot or use subversion to get latest code, compile it and run against your phone.

Gammu stable version 1.12.0

I just released new version of Gammu. There are no big changes since last stable release:

  • Added dku5fbus-nodtr and fbus-nodtr variants, which do not care about DTR/RTS signals (thanks to Jakub Zawadzki).
  • Do not delete phonebook entries when there are none (bug #317).
  • This release comes with new API, which should provide stable ABI for upcoming versions. If you're distributor, who had special dependency handling for libGammu, you can now keep it on soname, versions with same soname will be backwards compatible.

For stable users, there are quite a lot of changes, especially for developers, conversion to new API will probably hurt. There is porting documentation included in sources and if it does not help you, feel free to ask!

Stay tuned, release evening will continue ;-).

Troubles on being popular

phpMyAdmin is quite popular tool and it attracts people who want to earn money on it. For long time Navicat company used phpMyAdmin name to propagate their completely different product, but this seems to be gone now (probably with help from Google, but I haven't receive reply from them, but short after my complain, all their ads abusing phpMyAdmin were gone).

Today Marc spotted that somebody just stole our website added Google shopping cart and started to sell phpMyAdmin:

Main stolen page screenshot Buy page screenshot

Lets see how long will it take to get them down.

PS: There is intentionally no link in this post, you can see URL on screenshot, if you really want.

Update: It looks like hosting is very responsible on such problems, they just disabled this domain:


Thank-you for your e-mail enquiry.

Please be advised that we have disabled site php-my-admin.awardspace.com.

AWARDSPACE.COM provides legitimate web hosting services and has a ZERO tolerance policy towards these violations.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you still have any concerns in regards this matter feel free to contact us.

Best Regards, Harry

AWARDSPACE Dedicated Support Team support@awardspace.com

/"Your winning web hosting provider"/ http://www.awardspace.com

Yet another wiki died on spam

Some time ago I added links to FoneWiki.org to Gammu phone database to show more information about phones. The main reason for that was information about K750i phone, which I wanted to buy in that time.

Unfortunately as time goes on, this page seems to be almost the only one with interesting content on this wiki. Most of other pages are only templates or links to buy cheap v1agra or some other similar spam.

It's a pity that this server is gone, because I think such wiki is a good idea.

Gammu test version 1.11.92

I just released new version of Gammu. This release further stabilizes new API and fixes various bugs especially with AT and OBEX. Full list of changes:

  • Properly report uploaded file size when using OBEX.
  • Fix HEX charset encoding.
  • Improve vCard address handling.
  • Support for iso charsets in AT phone when iconv is available.
  • Fix restoring of phonebook over OBEX (bug #317).
  • addnew accepts -yes parameter.
  • There is no error on most fields when storing to vCard.
  • Fix detecting length of input (thanks to Peter Stuge).
  • Improve check for MySQL.