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New Wammu and Gammu website

I just put online new Wammu and Gammu website at http://wammu.eu/. The reason for this change is that I want all relevant information about Gammu and related programs to be available in one place. You can find there information about Gammu, SMSD and python-gammu as well including some information and documentation which used to be spread in wiki and various other documents.

Also all Gammu and Wammu related announcements will be published only on that website and will no longer pollute my blog (and all planets where my blog is being syndicated). If you followed RSS feed, you should update your reader to http://wammu.eu/news/rss/.

The new website also includes updated Gammu Phone Database, which will look almost same to users, but has been completely rewritten underneath, what will allow some extensions in future and allows easier management of entries for me.

What currently lacks behind old website is Czech translation. The reason is in simple fact that new website contains much more texts and I did not yet have time to translate it. If you want to help, just go to l10n.cihar.com, or just follow translators instructions. This time it will be also possible to add other translations, so if you want to translate website to other language, you are welcome!

Enca 1.11

After month of collecting little fixes flying around, I release Enca 1.11. If you don't know Enca, it is an Extremely Naive Charset Analyser. It detects character set and encoding of text files and can also convert them to other encodings using either a built-in converter or external libraries and tools like libiconv, librecode, or cstocs.

The full changes are short:

  • Dropped scanf configure test which is not used at all.
  • Fixes some wrong format strings.

You can download from http://dl.cihar.com/enca/.

Fun with blacklists

Yes, blacklists are great, especially if wrongly used. Currently I can not renew SSL certificate I used to have from StartSSL, because they somehow use blacklist from Google to block sites with malware. The word somehow is important here, because I am not listed as being suspicious, but they still see me blacklisted.

And the more funny thing seems to be that Google found sometimes some malware on my site, but there is no way to find out what it was. Maybe it is somehow related to the broken antivirus complaining that NSIS binary contains a virus, but who knows...

As the funny story goes on, I get to know that it is because I'm on AS:15685 network. Well I am. And as well are about other thousands of servers hosted in that place. So what?

PS: Just to be sure, I just did full scan of all files on dl.cihar.com and here is the result:

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 621888
Engine version: 0.95.2
Scanned directories: 133
Scanned files: 3975
Infected files: 0
Data scanned: 14546.95 MB
Data read: 2462.58 MB (ratio 5.91:1)
Time: 1093.524 sec (18 m 13 s)

Gammu stable version 1.26.1

Gammu 1.26.1 is out! This release just fixes few bugs in AT driver.

Full list of changes:

  • CPIN reply is handled like regular one except in A2D case (bug #994).
  • Fix finding first empty position when memory is empty (bug #996).
  • Fixed parsing of SMS status reports.
  • Fixed parsing of text messages with new lines (bug #995).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/.

Debian users will find packages in unstable soon, SUSE, Fedora and Mandriva users can check repository in OpenSuse Build Service and Ubuntu in my PPA.

Gammu stable version 1.26.0

Gammu 1.26.0 is out! There is reduced memory usage, tons of bugfixes, better support for reading messages from Motorola phones.

Full list of changes:

  • Fixed handling of RunOnReceive error code.
  • Fixed crash when encoding USSD dials.
  • Fixed decoding of phonebook entries on Motorola (bug #988).
  • Fixed decoding of long text messages (bug #990).
  • Fixed location of saved message (bug #989).
  • Added ID for Nokia 1681c.
  • Fixed reading of phonebook from Samsung (bug #980).
  • Add ID for Nokia 3390b (bug #982).
  • DCT3 dependent code reports error when phone is not DCT3 (bug #982).
  • Fixed reading of DCT4 file folders (bug #986).
  • Reworked RPM packages (separate libraries and SMSD).
  • Huawei E160 uses encoded USSD requests.
  • Better support for messages on Motorola, thanks to Quintin Hill.
  • Fix reading of SMS backups without text (bug #963).
  • Send message even if SendingTimeOut is null (bug #977).
  • Disabled automatic OBEX for Motorola phones.
  • Increased limits for message length, bump soname to 7 because of this.
  • Changed SMSD tables to be able to handle longer messages from Motorola phones.
  • Documented most commands in man page.
  • Completed Czech translation of Gammu.
  • Avoid crash on some Nokia smses (bug #959).
  • Added support for Bluetooth on more BSD systems, thanks to Iain Hibbert.
  • Added new command setsmsc.
  • Added option to disable checking for battery and signal in SMSD.
  • Fixed getting firmware revision on AT phones (bug #951).
  • Added support for home/work mobile number (bug #952).
  • Fixed handling of error response for security status in AT.
  • Fixed segfault on systems with very low memory limits.
  • Development now goes on in Git repository, please check README.
  • 6510 driver now dynamically allocates memory for file caches, what reduces Gammu memory usage by 800 MiB.
  • Added testcases for AT+CNMI replies.
  • Fixed range parsing in AT engine.
  • Added reconnect support in PostgreSQL driver in SMSD.
  • Gammu debug level no longer can be controlled separately in SMSD.
  • Fix loop when Nokia phone does not allow to access files (bug #954).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/.

Debian users will find packages in unstable soon, SUSE, Fedora and Mandriva users can check repository in OpenSuse Build Service and Ubuntu in my PPA.

Problems with phpMyAdmin website

Our website currently shows a bit wrong information about file downloads. The single reason for this is that we take this data from sourceforge.net and all they exports are currently broken in some way.

Per file RSS (which was only working source of information few days ago) seems to be disabled recently, RSS for all files just repeats same metadata for all files and the old releases RSS does not list recent releases.

I did not want to blame them again, but it has been already three weeks from my last complains and bug reports and all that changed is that they broke (or removed?) the last working feed.

Gammu test version 1.25.93

Gammu 1.25.93 is out! This is just a bugfix release heading to 1.26.0 next week.

Full list of changes:

  • Fixed reading of phonebook from Samsung (bug #980).
  • Add ID for Nokia 3390b (bug #982).
  • DCT3 dependent code reports error when phone is not DCT3 (bug #982).
  • Fixed reading of DCT4 file folders (bug #986).
  • Fixed parsing of config file with whitespace (bug #987).

You can download from usual place: http://cihar.com/gammu/,

Debian users will find packages in experimental soon, SUSE, Fedora and Mandriva users can check experimental repository in OpenSuse Build Service.

Summer of Code in phpMyAdmin

As the project is over, I think it's time for some summary. I think this year we got quite a good improvements. Most of them are already merged in trunk, but they might need some polishing, especially as the branches were developed separately and now they are first time used together. Anyway if you want to give new code a try, please go to our demo server and play with it!

So what do we have?

Import and export improvements

When I saw the proposal for first time, I thought that this is the best prepared proposal I've ever seen and we must have this student. And it turned to be true. Derek did great job, going in more directions than proposal included and brought great improvements to phpMyAdmin.

To start with import part, phpMyAdmin can now take any spreadsheet or CSV and create table from it automatically, with some kind of heuristics to find out numerical or date columns.

On the export side, he integrated PHPExcel library and phpMyAdmin can now generate proper Excel 2003 and 2007 documents.

The good thing also is that he wants to stay active even after GSoC.

Changes tracking

Even though Alexander Rutkowski was really quited in first half of the project, he indeed did code in that time and he brought feature that will be useful mostly for application developers. You can activate tracking of certain table, all your changes will be logged and you can get SQL commands to replay the changes on other database later.

This can be useful either for monitoring changes which users did or for making changes on development system and applying them later on production one.

Database synchronisation

Zahra Naeem did originally also apply for changes tracking, but as we did not want to have two students on the same topic, we persuaded him to take another project, which was not taken by other students - database synchronisation. This feature is somewhat similar to previous in one use case - you can use it to apply changes from development system to production one. You enter connection settings for two database servers and phpMyAdmin finds out difference between the databases and allows you to synchronize them.

I feel like Zahra felt that almost everything is done in mid-term and slowed down a lot and I'm still not happy with documentation he had provided. Hopefully he will get to that and improve it.

Replication support

This project was mentored by Marc and to me it looks like Tomáš Srnka did good job there. The changes are not yet in trunk, but hopefully they will be merged soon and I will then try to set up some replication stuff on demo server, so that you can play with it.

Permanent user preferences

The only unsuccessful project this year. The student failed to deliver something for mid-term evaluation and because of this he failed. We still have his patch in patch tracker and I think I will try to find time to look at it more deeply, whether it is worth using and cleaning up or it is better to write whole thing from beginning.


I think this Summer of Code was great and I hope next year we will be really a separate project there and not under MySQL hood (not that would be bad, but I think with five students it is better to be directly there than coordinating with MySQL guys). And I hope we will have more students like Derek :-).

Translate Wammu

I feel like I will release new Wammu version in two or three weeks, it would be great to improve some translations. All you need to do is to login into our Pootle server and translate these few (or not so few) strings missing in your language.

If you still prefer manual work, you can still just get po file from Git and send me updates.

PS: If your translation is missing in Pootle and you want to start it, just drop me a note.

Enca 1.10

As upstream author lost interest in developing Enca some time ago, I decided to step up and create another release. Basically it just folds in patches we had in Debian package for some time.

Enca is now hosted on Gitorious: http://gitorious.org/enca, you can clone git repository (I imported older releases there).

So the new release is 1.10 and the changes are quite short:

  • Enca is back alive or at least in maintenance mode.
  • Enca now lives in git repository, see http://gitorious.org/enca.
  • Add missing charset koi8u to belarussian language.
  • Fixed some typos in program and documentation.

You can download from http://dl.cihar.com/enca/.